Learn core personal style skills. Share OOTDs and get outfit feedback. Welcome to Style Lab.

Style Lab is a members-only space for style skills, experimentation, and community. Hosted on Discord, by style coach Elyse Holladay. Join us today to begin your personal style journey.


When you become a Style Lab member, you get 👇🏼 

〰 Access to an exclusive style community hosted on Discord. 

〰 A space to share OOTDs, outfit troubleshoot, and discuss your style progress and insights.

〰 Bite-sized lessons to learn the core skills of building a wardrobe and defining your style, at your own pace.

〰 Style development challenges to complete alongside accountability buddies.

〰 To grow alongside a community of other excellent humans all on our style journeys together.

〰 Community, not attention economy. No affiliate links, haul posts, sponcon, or ads.

〰 An enforceable code of conduct and community guidelines.

You've got "figure out personal style" on your to-do list... right after about eight hundred other more urgent tasks. You're ready to take action, but where do you begin?

Sure, bingewatching styling videos on TikTok is fun, but doesn't get you any closer to your personal style goals. And who can you talk to about it? None of your IRL friends get why style matters so much to you, and you don't want to shop fast fashion with them anymore.

You've been on your own, until now.

It's time to begin your personal style journey: at your own pace, in our own space.

Style Lab Membership Includes

Screenshot of the Style Lab Discord server with outfit photos

Access to an exclusive style community to practice & share your style journey.

〰 Private community for all things style, hosted on Discord, with text, images, and voice

〰 Share OOTDs, outfit troubleshoot, and discuss your style progress and insights.

〰 Bite-sized, standalone lessons to learn the core skills of building a wardrobe and defining your style

〰 Community, not attention economy. No affiliate links, haul posts, sponcon, or ads, and a strong code of conduct.

screenshot of Elyse teaching in a Loom video

Bite-sized style lessons to help you develop your core style skills.

〰 Lessons on the core skills of developing style clarity and building a wardrobe that works for you

〰 Dispatches from Elyse in a variety of formats: audio, video, written, worksheets, journaling prompts

〰 #askelyse channel to request and suggest the style lesson topics you need the most

〰 Style development challenges to complete alongside accountability buddies

screenshot of Elyse giving an individual Style Review

Members-only discounts and more.

〰 Members get exclusive discounts on any future workshops and 1x1 Strategy Sessions

〰 Extra bonuses for Founding Members, including a private channel with Elyse and priority lesson requests

〰 And who knows what else in the future?! Your feedback shapes what's included!

Meet your Mods

In Style Lab, we are intentionally creating a supportive, connected, and positive community. Your Mods are community members, Unfolding alumni, and style enthusiasts just like you! Mods will be there to answer questions, share their style wisdom, cheer you on, and keep everything running smoothly.



Teacher, bartender, bilingual. Jumpsuit aficionado. Earth-focused. Memphis, TN.


#CampCounselorChic #SloppyAcademia #YourNerdy90sMathDad



World traveler. Dog mom. Gemini. Unfolding alum. Atlanta, GA.


kinetic, modern, minimal



Community organizer, fat liberationist. Queer. Virgo.
Long Beach, CA


ceramics teacher, easy-going, farmer's market




Bookseller, queer, femme. Very stylish cat. Unfolding alum. Calgary, Canada.


victorian goth librarian



Slow Fashion Stylist and ex-teacher. just moved to Philly.


earthy with an edge

Style Lab Membership Tiers


✓ Access to private community hosted on Discord, with text, voice, and video

✓ Bite-sized style lessons

✓ Style challenges to complete with others

✓ #askelyse channel to request lesson topics

✓ Discounts on workshops and Style Strategy Sessions

✓ Community, not attention economy. No affiliate links, haul posts, sponcon, or ads.



Founding Member

Everything in Membership, plus…

✓ Founding Member Discord badge plus a private chat channel for Founding Members with Elyse

✓ Priority lesson requests and suggestions

✓ A copy of Elyse’s custom-built Wardrobe Knowledge Bank Notion template, your all-in-one style hub (costs $97, epic value)

✓ Support Elyse's style coaching work and be a beta tester for her new projects

✓ More to come in the future—your feedback will shape the future of Style Lab.


No minimum monthly commitment. Cancel anytime.



subtle, luxe, ease, discerning

👋🏻 I'm Elyse, and I'm a personal style coach. Everyone should feel good in and about their clothes, and I want for you to have a pathway to authentic style that works for you.

As an extrovert (and a Gemini 👯‍♀️!) I believe strongly in the value of community. I've seen the ways my Unfolding clients support and encourage each other. Opening a space for you to develop your style, be in conversation with each other and me, and for us to trade ideas, lessons, and insights... it's my natural next step.

My mission is to help as many of you with your style as I can, in a way that feels sustainable and generous and good to us all.

(Plus, I think I speak for a lot of us when I say we're sick of relying on social media algorithms to connect! We grow best in community... which is hard to foster in the attention economy. In a private style community, we can all show up authentically, instead of us having to make #content to be seen and heard.)

This is a new experiment for me! I’ve got lots of potential ideas and I want to choose the ones that YOU want and that work for you. As a Founding Member you'll help shape Style Lab as a community, and provide feedback on what style lessons you need the most.

Hope you'll join me, your amazing team of mods, and a bunch of new friends to begin your style journeys!

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your style journey
begins right here.

What happens when I join?

First, we celebrate! Then, you’ll get your invite to the Style Lab Discord server. Once you create an account, you can introduce yourself, start making friends, and dive in to the community and lessons.

If you joined as a Founding Member, you’ll also immediately get your copy of the Wardrobe Knowledge Bank.

Everything will be delivered instantly, via email.

Can I cancel? How long of a commitment is membership?

Just like Patreon, or an app subscription, membership is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime you need to. (Although I hope you’ll share your feedback so we can improve Style Lab and keep you around!)

What are the lessons like? What will I learn?

Think bite-sized videos, audio downloads, journaling prompts, worksheets, and more. Topics can range from creating style words, how to shop without overwhelm, basic closet reviews and cleanouts and more. Plus, you get to suggest and request lesson topics that you need most!

What's the fine print?

— Your membership is subject to your agreement and commitment to the Code of Conduct. An overview is in the Terms & Conditions on the checkout page, and the CoC will be shared with you when you join. You may request a copy of it before signing up. Violations may result in removal from the membership with no refund.

— This is not a course or program with structured curriculum to follow, or personal coaching. Unlike The Unfolding, there is no live or 1x1 style coaching from Elyse.

— While Elyse will be in the community, there is no guarantee she will personally respond to every thread or question.

What else?

Got any other questions? Send me a DM @elyseholladay and ask away!